Elena Helfrecht

The image is created through co-operation between real and unreal.

What Lies Beneath

Yiannis Trifonopoulos

Within the unconscious mind.


Damián Ucieda Cortés


The project is based on the theme of the path in search of light.

Right to believe

Fyodor Telkov

This project is a visual study of various consents and closed communities of modern old believers, where the continuity of tradition is supported by visual references.

Are You There

Kelly O'Brien

Although there cannot be any physical involvement
between the subject of my dead father and the camera, I continue to delve into the concept that the "medium is
the message" which permits me to transcend the wanting and earning to know a father I can never meet.


Gian Marco Sanna

And so life will begin to flow again, and these shots will remain forever the dark memory and the red light of fear, but also the hope of a better world. 

To Move the Sun and Earth Away is a photographic and sound project that asks questions on human’s perception of environment as something completely alienated from us.


Max Romanenko

Photographs of fragments of nature, both living and silent.
Photographs of fragments of the human body, both old and insanely young.

These photos are documentation of that brink without words and thoughts, without the usual way of interpreting objects. This is my attempt to transfer a small piece of this ground from the left bank to the reality of the “right” way of thinking.